July 5th, 2022

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Strife files
I recommend buying Strife: Veteran Edition from the DRM-free platform
However, there are good resources and info at the Steam Community.

1/31/04 Sehacked - Dehacked based editor, must run in dosbox

Gibbon's stuff including idmanager, a modification of the official frontend DeathManager supporting Sehacked patching.

1/12/04 Strife EXE Editing Specs - probably no longer needed due to completion of SeHackEd

8/14/03 lamasery.zip - Silenced Lamasery v1.1, replaces map01
There's expanded, more detailed but still vanilla versions for Doom 1 in D1EntHng.wad and for Heretic in QuikHt*.wad. I should make the updates back into a Strife version, but I will always leave this old one up since it has a replacement demo recorded with strife1.exe v1.31.

12/19/19 winnow.zip - Hexen map01 Winnowing Hall converted to Strife, replaces map05

Old Strife Files

Others' works:
Strife mappacks on idgames
Other mods and maps
Strife: Weapons of Rebellion
Shadows of Apocalypse

Doom files
I recommend buying Doom Classic and Doom 2 from
They feature 4-player splitscreen co-op and deathmatch and various improvements. Then you also get the option to install the regular old dos versions and you can use their wad files for various modern source ports. Odamex, Eternity, and maybe some others replicate their gameplay so closely they can play their demos properly.

12/26/2019 Head Cannon for newer ZDooms. See here.

9/25/1998 bomb92.zip - Bomberdoom v0.92
At least two Bomberman skins by others on idgames.

10/07/1998 airraid.zip - Doom From Above or Airraid Doom pre-beta

11/13/1998 airstrik.zip - Doom From Above 2 pre-beta by Sir Kenny
Actually a source mod of Doom Legacy v1.25 incorporating stuff from Bomberdoom and Airraid Doom.

1/17/1999 1m1e.zip - 1m1e : Unlimited Edition : Pit of Hell Exclusive, map for ZDoom

3/17/1999 painbfg.zip - Pain Elementals do BFG2704 attack kind of, Dehacked patch designed for running doom2.wad using ultimate doom.exe(doomhack.exe)

6/19/1998 jungle.zip Jungle Deathmatch by Mike Tawney (creator of RageDM)

6/02/2003 12fun.zip - Fun with enemies suiciding in Doom v1.2
2/17/1994 dm1_2rpt.zip - Doom v1.1 to v1.2 update patch (Thanks Grazza)
5/14/1995 dhe24.zip - Dehacked v2.4, needed to apply a patch to Doom.exe v1.2

lostres 2.1 - compiled/edited by Xaser and NaturalTvventy
consoledoom.zip - Console Doom Levels conversion by Kaiser
0_3.zip - Doom Alpha v0.3 resources - compiled/converted by Linguica
0_4resor.zip - Doom Alpha v0.4 resources - compiled/converted by Deathz0r
0_4claw.zip (txt) - CacodemonLeader's Dark Claw gfx - modded by me
0_5resor.zip - Doom Alpha v0.5 resources - compiled/converted by Deathz0r
alpha04g.zip (txt) - Alpha Guns (and more) by Sparky

Some of these may be old format that need their s_skin* entry updated for modern ports.
7/03/2003 alphaskn.zip - Doom Alpha Skins
dmascrap.zip - Scraps of frames not used in those skins
7/27/2013 doomgirl.zip - DooM Girl, work by various people
1998 or 2001 fzeroskn.zip - F-Zero skins - separate wads or combo. Have seen these used in some kind of Grand Theft Auto Doom since, heh. Probably suitable for my Slingshot Chicken bonus map in my EntryHangar wads.

Hexen files
hexrifle.wad - Just quick made to show someone how to put Doom plasma rifle into Hexen in newer ZDooms/Zandronum/GZDoom/LZDoom. Enemies drop the weapon and ammo.

Hex, the Hexen.exe hack editor by Sune Marcher
9/08/1998 hex084f.zip - Hex v0.84 final, hard to find, install files
hex84f.zip - 8/11/2003 rezip of files
1/03/2020 serpdart.zip - sample patch of mine to make Serpent Staff shoot darts

10/30/1997 hex082pb.zip Hex v0.82pb install files
hex82pb.zip - 8/11/2003 rezip of files

9/10/1996 hex053p.zip - Hex v0.53p



Files put back up and even older files added...
Restored old download page, but most recent stuff is still on front page.


Files being put back up...

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