March 29th, 2024

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Strife files
I recommend buying Strife: Veteran Edition from the DRM-free platform
It also includes the original dos version, and a beta version from 1995 that's even older than the v1.0 demo.
You'll probably want to grab the older setup.exe from the v1.0 demo to configure controls for the beta.
However, there are good resources and info at the Steam Community.

NOTE: The Loremaster's grappling hook is badly nerfed in VE, Chocolate Strife it's based on, and SvStrife that's based on. Zports got the enemy weapon better but it still doesn't throw upward like in the dos game, and trying to make a player weapon that shoots it back to launch yourself has no such effect on anything with the backshot.
UPDATE: The Loreshot works properly in dos source recreation ports.

Source ports for Strife:
Latest Daily Autobuilds of Chocolate Strife and Crispy Stife.
Latest Release still 3.0.1 as of 3/17/24: Chocolate Strife by Kaiser and Quasar (supports Sehacked)
Zandronum and Q-Zandronum (Best online multiplayer, Decorate, ACS, Zmapinfo)
LZDoom by Dr. Frag (Decorate, Zscript, ACS, Zmapinfo, multiple instance "splitscreen" up to 4 players)
GZDoom (Decorate, Zscript, ACS, Zmapinfo)
RZDoom by Gibbon (Decorate, ACS, Zmapinfo)
K8vavoom by Ketmar (Decorate, ACS, Zmapinfo, Quake-style progs)
Vavoom by Janizdreg (Decorate, ACS, Zmapinfo, Quake-style progs)
3/06/24 Ceski's Strife1.exe and Strife1.exe v1.0,v1.2,v1.3,v1.131 (StrifeVersions.txt) (CeskiStrife.txt)
3/10/24 Goals for an Ultimate Vanilla version (txt)
3/09/24 Notes for potential Champion Edition (txt)
12/06/23 Dos Source Recreation by Nukeykt (DW Thread)
10/02/22 Strife128 for dos by Gibbon (source code only)
12/04/05 SvStrife v1.4 by Kaiser (supports some Sehacked)
Archive of old SvStrife site

Notepad++ (recommended over notepad for looking at code)

Dos Strife online at Classic Gaming Arena (DW thread)

Want autorun in dos Strife? Open your strife.cfg in notepad and set joyb_speed 31

3/29/21 Strife Coop Patch Project (DW thread) (Github) (for GZDoom only)

Strife Sequence Breaks (doomwiki) (Spoilers!)
Strife Dead Ends (doomwiki) (Spoilers!) - Some intentional but some not.
Nash's Better Strife v0.1 and Zaero's Strife Uncut 1.6 fix some of these. See mods.
Veteran's Edition also does but also removes options for some dead ends that were intentional, making the game easier.
It adds new content in some cases, so it may be fun to get away with misbehaving without having a practical game over.

Clever Sniper Strife Trick by *Birki*

Old Editing Specs Documention (somewhat outdated):
Official Strife specs from Rogue (outdated or errors, things changed in finished game)
SvStrife specs for alternate scripts/custom items by Kaiser
1/12/04 Strife EXE Editing Specs by me
Other old but helpful editing notes including the contents of stock map scripts

1/31/04 Sehacked - Dehacked based editor, must run in dosbox
Recently discovered:
B5250 Unknown4 is direct +10 Stamina item.
B52B0 Unknown5 is direct +10 Accuracy item.
Can give them map ID #'s for placement in maps.
3/16/24 Txt file of all the unknown things identified.

For the ports currently supporting sehacked (Veteran's Edition, Chocolate, and SvStrife),
it seems the only way to load patches is with the command line:
whateverport -deh whatever.seh
That's -DEH. -Seh does not work, and embedding a patch in a sehacked or dehacked entry in a wad does not work.

Sehacked support was unfinished in SvStrife and it badly malfunctions with my patches.

5/02/22 idManager! - The definitive DOS launcher v1.9 by Gibbon and OpenRift (DW thread),
modification of the official frontend, DeathManager!, supporting Sehacked patching.

2/18/24 8:02 PM
Strango5 v1.1 (txt)- Dwango5 converted to Strife plus more maps
For all versions of Strife. Map26 is Silenced Lamasery v2.0.
Sehacked patches, Decorate mod, and conversion file for Dm2conv in subfolders of zip.
3/16/24 - Further Improved my decorate mod! (txt)
3/16/24 Updated Massive* Sehacked Patch is in a subfolder in strango5 or gokweap zips. (txt)
3/29/24 Jason Voorhees in Doom, Heretic, Heretic, or Strife (Moddb)
3/17/24 Development/Editing feature discussion and test maps on Doomer Boards thread.

(Strango5 map14 with gokweap5.wad in Zandronum, but I summoned items not placed in the map)

(Strango5 map01 with Weapons of Rebellion Lite in RZDoom pictured)

At the moment I can't get a version of my sehacked grappling hook to work right in decorate
and it is nerfed in ports supporting sehacked.
Whether it's my sehacked weapon or shot by the Loremaster in unmodified Strife,
it's supposed to yank and launch the player rather viciously,
and also upward even when shot parallel to the ground.
This also means that the Loremaster boss is nerfed in some ports.
Chocolate-Strife seems to lack the looking/aiming up/down of vanilla strife1.exe.
This is how it works in vanilla strife1.exe:

11/24/95 Dm2conv by Vincenzo Alcamo (idgames) - must run in dosbox
3/07/24 My new default.rsp for it in Strango5 and gokweap* zips
Needs my new default.rsp and you should read my txt file.
Command line to convert Doom to Strife:
dm2conv whatever.wad convertd.wad @:DS
dm2conv whatever.wad convertd.wad @:DS /REMAP=2
to start maps on Strife's startmap 02.

7/26/07 GLBSP by Andrew Apted (GL nodes are required for Veteran's Edition)
Command line to add GL nodes after each map to a wad:
glbsp old.wad -o new.wad

12/28/14 DLight - additional sector lighting utility for Veteran's Edition (Github) (DW thread) (Steam)
Can only process one map at a time.

8/14/03 - Silenced Lamasery v1.1, replaces map01
The first custom map ever released for Strife and has a replacement two player demo recorded with strife1.exe v1.31.
v1.3 recommended for watching a demo file so you can change view with F12.
It has since been updated and expanded in Strango5.wad for Strife, Twango1.wad for Doom 2, D1EntHng.wad for Doom 1, and QuikHt*.wad for Heretic.

12/19/19 - Hexen map01 Winnowing Hall converted to Strife, replaces map05
Map32 version in Strango5.wad is a little more updated.
But this version functions as a replacement map05 in normal single player Strife's progression.

Old Strife Files

Other people's Strife maps, listed by most recent authors:

1/01/24 "Low On Ice" by Thelokk (
idgames) (ZDoom thread) (Doomer Boards thread) (requires GZDoom).
3/03/24 "Low On Ice - Enhanced" by Thelokk (idgames) (ZDoom thread) (requires GZDoom).

9/12/18 "Shadows of Apocalypse" by ramon.dexter (ZDoom forum thread) (for Zports)
7/4/21 "[DEMO - WIP] World of Strife" by ramon.dexter (ZDoom thread) (DW thread) (for GZDoom, maybe LZDoom)
12/30/23 (Github) - Click the green <> Code button and download zip.
(Unofficial) 3/20/24 current githubs dropped into pk3s by request: WOS, Just gameplay, ShoulderGun_standAlone
Set key under customize controls. Summon these things: shouldergun, shouldergunmag_item or shoulderguncharger
Have to use the item in inventory to initially load it.

2/23/23 "SteelCorp Experiment" by GraniteMaster in Russian Random Speedmap Pack #1 (DW thread) (for GZDoom)

2/22/23 "Strife Terror Hospital" by sht (DW thread) (Single/Coop/Survival for Zandronum) (deathmatch untested)

11/05/22 "Rusty Shekels For Cinnamon Sap" by Xyzzy01 (idgames) (DW thread)
Must run with this command line:
chocolate-strife.exe -merge RUSTY.WAD -deh SHEKELS.SEH

7/6/21 "UniStrife" by Razur and Vite (Moddb) (for Zandronum)
5 complete converted maps and 4 nonfunctional untextured.
For speed boots (DoomEd/mapID: 237) (spaces and quotes needed):
Summon "Front Scout's Boots"
For Heretic-like weapon powerup (DoomEd/mapID: 238) (Powered punch is hilarious):
Summon artibracers

3/26/18 "Island of Peril" by Walter C (idgames) (requires a Zport).

7/11/15 "Duke Nukem In Endless Strife" / "Duke Nukem: War Against the Doomed" by Xenoxols
(DukeStrife1.pk3 on mediafire) (github) (ZDoom thread) (requires LZDoom or equivalent older GZDoom)
(Thanks to AndroidFerret for sending me the file)

5/28/15 "TheLostStrife" by Tufas (Moddb) (port required)

12/08/14 "Strife: Absolute Anarchy Deathmatch" by Captain Toenail & others (idgames) (DM and CTF, requires Zandronum).

03/25/10 "A World in Strife: Raiding the Dam" by Khorus (idgames) (DW thread) (requires a Zport).
11/15/12 "Strife: Absolute Order" by Khorus (idgames) (requires a Zport).

2004 "Bottle Quest" by Kaiser (was example map for old SvStrife)
There's two other test wads included with SvStrife v1.4: demo.wad and inq_test.wad
12/15/04 "Return of The Order" by Kaiser (idgames) (for any port).
02/10/06 "Day of the Acolyte" by Kaiser (idgames) (Sehacked supporting ports recommended. Zports supported.)

Recommended custom maps/mods on Steam (outdated)

Various mods:

11/07/20 "Strife Uncut 1.6" by Zaero (
Moddb) (for GZDoom, other ZDooms untested)

10/25/19 "Strife Overhaul 2" by MisterBadGuy (Moddb) (for Zports)

8/09/12 "Strife: Weapons of Rebellion" (ZDoom forum thread) by amv2k9 (for Zports, probably K8vavoom soon)
Be sure to try AltFire with every weapon.

7/12/13 "The Martyr" by Sangelothi (Moddb)

5/9/22 "Strife Upscale Pack" by Roundtree (Moddb)

12/15/17 "Reikall's Strife Voxels" and Music (Moddb)

3/16/21 "Strife DX" by Killa_Dio (Moddb)

1/17/24 "REKKR Weapons GZdoom mod" by Alexei (REKKR by Revae) (ZDoom thread)

8/02/21 "The Guncaster - 3.888b" (ZDoom thread)

10/11/23 "Samsara Reincarnation 2.0 / ReMixer 1.1" by Shiny Metagross (Fun Police log)

11/05/13 "Samsara v0.3" by TerminusEst13 (Moddb) (for Zandronum/ZDoom)
Extra add-ons on Github

12/29/12 "Brutal Strife - BETA 1" by Sergeant_Mark_IV (Zandronum thread) (for Zports)

4/21/21 "Better Strife v0.1" (ZDoom forum thread)(Github) by Nash (for GZDoom)

5/25/21 "Nash's HP Bar - a minimalist HP bar mod" (ZDoom forum thread)(Github) (for GZDoom)

5/9/23 "Nash's Gore Mod: Vengeance Edition" (ZDoom thread) (for GZDoom)

9/01/22 "WidePix v1.3" by Nash (ZDoom thread) (included with ports)

3/17/20 "Strife Alternate Sound Project" by BouncyTEM (DW thread)

10/20/23 "FlexiHUD - a universal, extremely flexible HUD mod 3.0.0" by Jekyll Grim Payne (ZDoom thread) (Github)

2/03/24 "Simple HUD Add-on" by Tekish (ZDoom thread) (Github) (for GZDoom/LZDoom)

NEVER RELEASED, but ideas to read: 2014 "Haze of Strife" (Moddb)

All mods on Moddb

Custom decorate enemies for Strife at the Realm667 Repository!

4/18/2020 Using Strife dialog system in Doom (ZDoom thread) by Zergeant (for ZDooms)

Doom stuff using Strife dialog or other Strife stuff in it:
"Daisy's Revenge" by kfpopeye2 (ZDoom thread) (idgames)
"40 Monsters Challenge" at least on Pyramid map by CBM (ZDoom thread)
"DOOM Ethereal" by 9Rifleman (ZDoom thread) (idgames)

Strife cheat codes for convenience in testing, but lame for playing new single player maps:

Also not shown and not editable in Sehacked:
Show Pumpup menu: PUMPUP, shows the little menu of options
Stats: PUMPUPS, gives 10 accuracy and 10 stamina
Show Coordinates: GPS, tells your position
Map cheat: TOPO, used on map screen, shows the entire level
The Strife Demo's cheats are different. Actually a few were left same as Doom.

Doom files
I recommend buying Doom Classic and Doom 2 from
They feature 4-player splitscreen co-op and deathmatch and various improvements. Then you also get the option to install the regular old dos versions and you can use their wad files for various modern source ports. Odamex, Eternity, and maybe some others replicate their gameplay so closely they can play their demos properly.

12/26/2019 Head Cannon for newer ZDooms. See here.

9/25/1998 - Bomberdoom v0.92
At least two Bomberman skins by others on idgames.

10/07/1998 - Doom From Above or Airraid Doom pre-beta

11/13/1998 - Doom From Above 2 pre-beta by Sir Kenny
Actually a source mod of Doom Legacy v1.25 incorporating stuff from Bomberdoom and Airraid Doom.

1/17/1999 - 1m1e : Unlimited Edition : Pit of Hell Exclusive, map for ZDoom

3/17/1999 - Pain Elementals do BFG2704 attack kind of, Dehacked patch designed for running doom2.wad using ultimate doom.exe(doomhack.exe)

6/19/1998 Jungle Deathmatch by Mike Tawney (creator of RageDM)

6/02/2003 - Fun with enemies suiciding in Doom v1.2
2/17/1994 - Doom v1.1 to v1.2 update patch (Thanks Grazza)
5/14/1995 - Dehacked v2.4, needed to apply a patch to Doom.exe v1.2

lostres 2.1 - compiled/edited by Xaser and NaturalTvventy - Console Doom Levels conversion by Kaiser - Doom Alpha v0.3 resources - compiled/converted by Linguica - Doom Alpha v0.4 resources - compiled/converted by Deathz0r (txt) - CacodemonLeader's Dark Claw gfx - modded by me - Doom Alpha v0.5 resources - compiled/converted by Deathz0r (txt) - Alpha Guns (and more) by Sparky

Some of these may be old format that need their s_skin* entry updated for modern ports.
7/03/2003 - Doom Alpha Skins - Scraps of frames not used in those skins
7/27/2013 - DooM Girl, work by various people
1998 or 2001 - F-Zero skins - separate wads or combo. Have seen these used in some kind of Grand Theft Auto Doom since, heh. Probably suitable for my Slingshot Chicken bonus map in my EntryHangar wads.

Hexen files
hexrifle.wad - Just quick made to show someone how to put Doom plasma rifle into Hexen in newer ZDooms/Zandronum/GZDoom/LZDoom. Enemies drop the weapon and ammo.

Hex, the Hexen.exe hack editor by Sune Marcher
9/08/1998 - Hex v0.84 final, hard to find, install files - 8/11/2003 rezip of files
1/03/2020 - sample patch of mine to make Serpent Staff shoot darts

10/30/1997 Hex v0.82pb install files - 8/11/2003 rezip of files

9/10/1996 - Hex v0.53p



Files put back up and even older files added...
Restored old download page, but most recent stuff is still on front page.


Files being put back up...

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