July 23rd, 2022


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Grezzo 2
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WRATH: Aeon of Ruin
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r/Quake wiki
Vinyl OST by NIN
Vinyl OST liner notes
QuakeSpasm Spiked
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HP Lovecraft in Quake
GOG Quake series forum

Here's some recent Doom files:

Doomer Boards Project #48 (Banned from Doomworld LOL!)
7/3/22 AvPvTvJvHvS(No files on ModDB currently)
7/3/22 Latest Zandronum compatible version (Recommended for LZDoom/GZDoom too)
I made some maps, bunch of textures, additional decorate, and lots of fixes/edits/tweaking.
6/26/22 GZDoom/LZDoom version 1.4
7/3/22 RZDoom version of wad by Gibbon (requires DBP48zan.pk3)
7/4/22 Old Theme Patch maps converted to it (for any of the above)
7/22/22 Limit-Removing Version by D1m3 (only has my textures and nothing else by me)

Fixes to Werner Spahl's Theme Patch v1.7 and maps for it.
7/4/22 Theme Patch v1.7 fixed
7/4/22 Theme Alt for normal maps or DM
7/4/22 Theme Maps fixed and compiled in one wad
Doomer Boards topic

E1M1 Nightmare Pacifist in 5 seconds lmp demo
1/9/22 E1M1in5s.zip (video)
Used Ultimate doom.exe v1.9 and you must convert your doom.wad to The Ultimate Doom (Xbox) version using IWAD Converter or Omniscient patcher.
IWAD Converter sets the original file dates and I had to use it to convert copies of my Final Doom wads to the Anthology versions. Omniscient has many more versions of more games to convert between.

Ray Mohawk 2 by DoomKid and others (I made map13 Terraced Estate of Terror)
12/8/21 mohawk2s.zip (idgames)(Forum thread)
Doomkid added a lot of good detail after I was trying too hard to work strictly within doom2.exe limits and had removed some detail to get rid of HOM. I like how it turned out. Just wish I didn't have to cut down my own detail on a couple things as much.

Twango1 (I made some maps and worked on many of them)
5/3/21 twango1.zip (idgames) (Forum thread)
Videos: map04 by OpenRift, map11 by Redead-ITA & Joe_Ilya & me + other maps, map19 by me + other maps, map19 by me again, map20 by Niemamordy, map32 by me (D1EntHng.wad version has Doomball), other deathmatches

Oldest E1M1 Romero version ever seen,
recreated from Nov 93 video tour of id (Forum thread)
2/21/21 E1M1Nov93tour.zip
Recreates the experience seen at 9:35 of this video.
Map showing differences.

Even Older E1M1 by Hall recreated using the yet older Alpha v0.5 (same thread)
2/20/21 OldAltE1M1.zip
Recreates map seen in second picture of beta levels gallery here.

ZanConnery Announcer ( forum thread )
4/26/20 ZanConnery.zip - for Zandronum
5/4/20 zconvox.zip - for ZDaemon
5/4/20 connerex.zip - for Odamex (CTF mode only)

Entry-Hangar Plus ( forum thread )
I tried to make definitive versions of several maps integrating everything I could from the
best PC version, alpha pre-beta versions or other older versions, and consoles.
Entry-Hangar is E1M1 seemlessly combined with MAP01 + PSX colored lighting (most versions)
+ X-Box secret exit made into a room with more detail + v1.0 & PSX thing placement etc.
E2M3, E2M7, E1M6, map02, map16 include console+alpha things but no colored lighting.
D1 version has more texture alignment done but no Doom 2 things. The biggest thing to
see is Altar of Extraction. D2 map08 version recommended for initial experience.
Took the mysterious 3DO Extramap and finished it properly incorporating many unused alpha
bits of maps and adding my own custom finale to really make it live up to its name.
Quick teaser video.
Here's an image of pieces that went to together to make it: (disconnected Spoiler Map)
3/14/20 EntHangP.zip - Doom 2 mini episode (Every map has a secret exit except 06 and 08)
for newer ZDoom based ports (Zandronum, LZDoom, GZDoom)
4/25/20 D1EntHng.zip - universal Ultimate Doom 1 version, sporadic map replacement plus additional episode port specific maps.
E4M1 Dehacked Doomball now works in the official Doom Classic. The Cacoball versions for ZDoom and Eternity are better though.
Includes Dehacked, Decorate, and Eternity definitions, but not all the Alpha thing emulation of the Doom 2 version. Even original dos Ultimate Doom is compatible with optional dehacked patch. Mapinfos included for various ports.
Video of maps in Doom 1 version. Both versions have some maps the other doesn't until I finish another Doom 2 version. Doom 2 version has an improved version of this as a secret map.

3/14/21 ClassicT.zip on mega.nz or mediafire
3/09/21 version: ClassicT.zip
Puts Doom 1, Alpha version, Pre-release Doom 2, and more textures in Doom 2.
Good to make maps, or for use with any map that needs both Doom 1 & 2 textures.
Boom compatible anim and switch definitions.
Old dos doom2.exe compatible if you add all flats or delete nukage1-3 & blood1-3.
I made more textures for Twango1.wad maps 19 and 11, but have yet to add them to ClassicT.wad so feel free to grab them from there.

Here's some recent Hexen:
1/17/21 Realms of Cronos
Requires GZDoom and Hexen.wad. Guillotine of the Gods is my map.
There's short writeup about the project here.

Here's some recent Heretic:
5/9/20 QuikHt1.zip (QuikHt1a.wad) - replacement episode 1 composed of maps converted from EntryHangar Plus. For Zandronum/LZDoom/GZDoom. Not entirely as polished as the Doom versions with a more limited texture set, but fun to try with various Heretic gameplay mods. See txt file.



Happy anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence!

Check out all the AvPvT stuff under recent Doom Files at the top of this page!


I recorded a TOTALLY LEGIT (but kinda lame) demo of E1M1 Hangar done pacifist on Nightmare in 5 freaking seconds, mofos!


But you have to convert your iwad to the first xbox version. However, this is the LEGIT WORLD RECORD for E1M1 NOW, so ha.

Or here's a video for lazy people, or weirdos that don't have Doom.

OR how's this for a REAL LIFE pacifist run?!
I suppose now the slanderous media will be blaming oh-so-violent video games for pacifism when we're supposed to be making war not love.


Added recent projects I contributed maps to, Twango1 and Ray Mohawk 2.

Added a bunch of links including Quake 1 stuff.


Added over 143 textures to ClassicT.wad. Uploaded new version to Mega.nz and leaving old March 9th version on mediafire.com


Added very old, hard to find files to this new downloads page.

And restored old downloads page.

So far it's all older stuff on those two pages compared to the recent stuff at the top of this one. There's currently some redundency on both pages but different selections of Alpha resources. Things may get reorganized over time. There's some bigger, unfinished projects in between missing. Hopefully I can make something a little more presentable and just put out more quality original maps sometime in the future.


Recreated a couple different unreleased Doom E1M1 versions by video and a map picture.
A Hexen project, Realms of Cronos, I contributed a map to was released.
Check them out under Recent Projects up above.

Haven't messed with C&C in a while but my downloads on C&C page don't work too well with the new remaster. They're designed for cncnet.org's versions and setup which is surely getting even better now that they have the game's source code. The remasters are pretty sweet. Pay no attention to people whining about the videos they could only improve so much from the source material without reshooting them with acters who are over 25 years older now and not all still around.


Updated my C&C pages with updates to most of the files and here's some awesome news elsewhere.


Updated QuikHt0 to QuikHt1 and then QuikHt1a. Took the time to do a better conversion of UDMF EntryHangar for E1M6 and did some work on other maps.

Good evening once again gentlemen and fine ladies.

A top rate talented announcer is now available for ZDaemon and Odamex up there under projects.

5/1/2020 Happy Beltaine!

Added a quickly converted Heretic version of EntryHangarPlus maps.

Gameplay mods to try with it: Heresy II, Walpurgis, Wayfarer's Tome, Bitter Heretic, Wrath of Cronos RPG, or this one.

4/26/2020 Again!
Good evening gentlemen and fine ladies.

With all this current downtime and nothing being filmed, one of the most distinguished A-List actors has nothing better to do than lend his voice talents to a wad (actually a .pk3) for Doom, yessiree.

Just grab it up there under recent Doom files and put in your announcer subfolder and select him under sound options in Zandronum or whatever port supports announcers. Delight as one of the greatest actors of all time narrates your collection of powerups, or the vigorous action of online deathmatch, capture the flag, or Skulltag.

4/26/2020 Screens from newly released Doom 1 EntryHangar Plus
E7M1 Quad Cacoball for newer ZDooms. E6M1 for Eternity is nearly identical.

E7M2 Crazy Dankey Kang for newer ZDooms.

Get past the barrels and punch him to win.

Based on this Crazy Kong bootleg.

4/25/2020 Coming back.

Yo mofos. Enjoy some ani-gifs in the meantime.


I pet a squirrel in my yard.

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