May 20th, 2020


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Quote of the Decade!
"Beatniks were hipsters,
when it was cool...
Just kidding.
It was never cool."

Here's some recent Doom files:

ZanConnery Announcer ( forum thread )
4/26/20 - for Zandronum
5/4/20 - for ZDaemon
5/4/20 - for Odamex (CTF mode only)

Entry-Hangar Plus ( forum thread )
3/14/20 - Doom 2 mini epsiode for newer ZDoom based ports (Zandronum, LZDoom, GZDoom)
4/25/20 - universal Ultimate Doom 1 version, sporadic map replacement plus additional episode port specific maps.


Here's some recent Heretic:

5/9/20 (QuikHt1a.wad) - replacement episode 1 composed of maps converted from EntryHangar Plus. For Zandronum/LZDoom/GZDoom. Not entirely as polished as the Doom versions with a more limited texture set, but fun to try with various Heretic gameplay mods. See txt file.



Updated my C&C pages with updates to most of the files and here's some awesome news elsewhere.


Updated QuikHt0 to QuikHt1 and then QuikHt1a. Took the time to do a better conversion of UDMF EntryHangar for E1M6 and did some work on other maps.

Good evening once again gentlemen and fine ladies.

A top rate talented announcer is now available for ZDaemon and Odamex up there under projects.

5/1/2020 Happy Beltaine!

Added a quickly converted Heretic version of EntryHangarPlus maps.

Gameplay mods to try with it: Heresy II, Walpurgis, Wayfarer's Tome, Bitter Heretic, Wrath of Cronos RPG, or this one.

4/26/2020 Again!
Good evening gentlemen and fine ladies.

With all this current downtime and nothing being filmed, one of the most distinguished A-List actors has nothing better to do than lend his voice talents to a wad (actually a .pk3) for Doom, yessiree.

Just grab it up there under recent Doom files and put in your announcer subfolder and select him under sound options in Zandronum or whatever port supports announcers. Delight as one of the greatest actors of all time narrates your collection of powerups, or the vigorous action of online deathmatch, capture the flag, or Skulltag.

4/26/2020 Screens from newly released Doom 1 EntryHangar Plus
E7M1 Quad Cacoball for newer ZDooms. E6M1 for Eternity is nearly identical.

E7M2 Crazy Dankey Kang for newer ZDooms.

Get past the barrels and punch him to win.

Based on this Crazy Kong bootleg.

4/25/2020 Coming back.

Yo mofos. Enjoy some ani-gifs in the meantime.


I pet a squirrel in my yard.

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